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How Lifestyle Impacts Diamond Ring Choice

How Lifestyle Impacts Diamond Ring Choice - The Better Diamonds

Choosing a diamond ring can be exciting. Seeing various options in all shapes and sizes, trying them on to see how they look and feel on your finger, and of course looking to get a great deal are all part of the process. If you are planning to wear your ring on a daily basis, it is important to consider not just how it looks when relaxing at dinner, but also if it can cope with your lifestyle. Imagine you found a slim, dainty band with a brilliant round diamond sitting at the helm. You love the way it looks and feels on your slender finger and are sure this is the one for you. However, you happen to be a sports trainer, lab technician, or a surgeon. You realize that a very thin band could snap more easily with consistent strenuous movement and/or with the frequent wearing and removing of gloves than a thicker band. If the diamond is more exposed as opposed to lower set diamond, then there is also an additional increased risk of it getting caught on the gloves and loosening over time. Of course frequent hand washing or exposure to chemicals can cause damage to your diamond ring as well. When considering these factors, you may choose a more robust band with a diamond and position that suits your activity level. The other option of course is to remove your ring when engaged in activities that could impact the well being of your chosen ring. It is good to know that choosing a lab-diamond ring allows you to really tailor it to suit your lifestyle.


Don’t forget to think about your free time as well. If you love travelling and adventure such as rock climbing, rafting, or other active pursuits, you should make sure to choose a ring that can handle your lifestyle and come back in one piece. If you are more docile in nature and prefer nature walks, painting, and reading, then a thin band with a discrete diamond may be for you.


Another interesting aspect that may impact your diamond ring decision, might be your star sign. While many don’t pay much attention to stars and the zodiac, others believe there to be an impact or perhaps a potential effect that one’s star sign has in one’s life. For some the impact is believed to be intense, whereas for others they believe that one’s star sign may give an indication of potential character traits and tendencies, but that they can be overridden by human choice. There are also people that believe various precious stones to have certain healing properties. Depending on your perspective on astrological signs and diamond rings, you may decide to match your chosen design to what your star sign says about you, be it bombastic, curious, discreet, complex, etc. Alternatively, you may choose it based on what you know about yourself without considering what the stars have to say about it.


At the end of day it is up to you! You may make your diamond ring choices by profession, look for travel-friendly diamond rings, or consider ring styles for different zodiac signs and have particular zodiac diamond ring preferences, or not. However and whatever you choose, it is important to take the impact of your lifestyle on diamond selection and your life decisions affecting ring choices into account.


If you have any questions on how to choose the best lab-diamond ring for you, please get in touch at or click here.