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Diamond Shapes Guide

Choosing the right diamond shape is crucial as it defines the style and character of a piece of jewelry. This guide explores the most popular diamond shapes and their unique attributes.

Round Brilliant

The most popular diamond shape, known for its versatility and maximum sparkle. It features 58 facets that reflect light effectively, making it highly desirable for engagement rings.


Characterized by its square shape and sharp corners, the princess cut is the second most popular shape after the round brilliant. It offers a contemporary look with exceptional brilliance.


An elongated shape that provides a larger surface area than a round diamond of the same carat, giving the illusion of a bigger diamond. Oval diamonds are favored for their flattering effect on the hand.


Known for its soft corners and square silhouette, the cushion cut combines a modern and vintage feel. It's renowned for its fiery reflections and romantic appeal.


Distinguished by its rectangular facets, which create a unique optical appearance known as the “hall of mirrors” effect. Emerald cuts are less fiery but emphasize clarity with their broad, flat planes.


Similar to the emerald cut but in a square shape, it offers deep pavilion and high crown providing a captivating brilliance. Asscher cuts are loved for their vintage art deco appearance.


Combines the characteristics of both round and marquise shapes with a tapered point on one end. The pear shaped diamond is ideal for those seeking a unique and elegant look.

Each diamond shape carries its own story and style. When selecting a diamond, consider the aesthetic appeal, the optical effects, and how the shape complements the wearer's hand.