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Diamond Ring Settings Explained

Diamond Ring Settings Explained - The Better Diamonds
Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a ring to celebrate life, understanding the different types of settings that are available is an important factor in your decision making. But before we jump into the settings, we just want to say a few words about the ring itself. Whether the ring is made from platinum or one of the three golds (rose, yellow, and white), you should know that they too come with different options. 
Thick or Thin

Irresistible Solitaire Round Engagement Ring in White Gold - The Better DiamondsPave Hidden Halo Pear Engagement Ring in White Gold - The Better Diamonds






The modern look is all about sleek and slender. Having a thin ring gives you that discrete, dainty look which is very feminine. If on the other hand you are looking for more of a centerpiece, something that looks sturdy and may be more suitable for bolder looking diamonds (such as a three stone), then having a thick ring may be right for you.


Antique or contemporary

 Eleni Solitaire Round Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold - The Better Diamonds





When it comes to style, it all depends if you love the fashion of times gone by or if you love modern chic. Of course some antique rings may well make a comeback, so knowing what look you would like for the ring itself is a good place to start your journey.


Having decided on your metal and ring style of choice, let’s get into the breakdown of 5 ring settings you need to know about.

Prong setting

Sorte Solitaire Oval Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold - The Better Diamonds

Prongs are the classic option for ring settings. They come as a set of 4 or 6 holding your diamond in place. They can be shaped like a V, a talon, a claw, or a square. Whatever the shape, you can be sure that your diamond’s sparkle will be on serious display, as the prongs take up minimal coverage. 


Bezel Setting

 Vintage Style Round Engagement Ring in Two Tone Gold - The Better Diamonds

This setting is perfect for those looking to keep their diamond as safe and snug as possible. Generally being a smooth metal rim around the diamond, it offers maximum protection against knocks, ideal for those that work a lot with their hands.

 Cathedral Setting

This setting features arching lines that rise up on each side of the center diamond.
This allows the diamond to be raised by the prongs and protected by the rim around it. Aside from giving more of a bird’s-eye view, it also allows for more interesting decor to be added to the profile.
Channel Setting

 Tapered Solitaire Round Engagement Ring in White Gold - The Better Diamonds

This one is for the neat among us. The channel setting essentially creates 2 metal railings, one on either side of the ring’s shank running in parallel. This allows for smaller diamonds to be neatly placed in between them for a sparkly and tailored look.

 Pavé Setting

Martini Hidden Halo Round Engagement Ring in White Gold - The Better Diamonds

The word pavé in French means paved, and so it is with a ring. A pavé setting looks like a paved road of small diamonds along the body of the ring, or even other parts of the setting. They are packed closely together and tightly to their base so as to not have any visible prongs, giving an elegant cobblestone look, just like a French sidewalk in Paris.


We hope these insights into rings and settings will help you when choosing your ring of a lifetime.


If you need help with choosing your perfect ring, or have any questions about what might work for you, feel free to contact us here or email us at