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How to find the perfect ring for your hand shape

How to find the perfect ring for your hand shape - The Better Diamonds

When looking for the perfect engagement ring, often times we get caught up in the details of the diamond and the ring. Whether it is the dimensions, 4Cs, price, ring style, etc., and we forget to think about how the diamond ring will actually look on your fiancées hand. While some diamond and ring styles are more universal, others are suitable for more particular hand shapes and finger sizes. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when you are thinking about what ring would suit you. Of course opting for affordable lab grown diamonds allows you to have your perfect stone tailor made.


Slim Fingers

If your wife to be has slender fingers, then going for the classical look is a great way to combine elegance with daintiness. Having a smaller stone, such as a heart shape or the classic round diamond won’t be too overpowering. If however you would like to accentuate the finger then having a thicker band could help. Just keep in mind not go too thick, as it may look out of place on a petite hand.


Thick Fingers


Here is where you can get creative if you like vintage and bold diamond ring styles. Having a thicker finger allows for more heavy duty apparel. Opting for thicker bands with wider stone designs can be a good choice. This is so the ratio of ring, stone and finger is more in proportion than having a slim ring and small stone, which may make your fingers appear wider. 


Small Hand


Just like with small and/or slender finger, if you have a small hand you don’t want to have a diamond ring that looks too bulky as it sits on your finger. It may come across as out of place and too “in your face”. If you have both small hands and slim fingers, you could combine a thinner ring with a longer diamond shape such as an oval, pear, or emerald stones to give a less chunky and elegant look.


Large Hand

If you are looking for that perfect ring for someone with larger hands, then having something small and dainty may not quite fit the picture. You could try something more robust such as a 3 stone ring with a thicker band, a cushion shape, an asscher, or a vintage diamond. Having your ring take up a bit more space on the finger may feel more comfortable and you won’t be scared that it could snap or fall off at any moment.


One more thing to be aware of is the knuckle! If you prefer to remove attention from your knuckles, then a diamond and ring combination that is a bit more voluminous could do just that. Of course you need to be aware of ring and knuckle sizes so that the ring doesn't spin and/or slip off your knuckle. Once you have found your ring of choice, it can of course be resized if needed for the perfect fit.


At the end of the day you may have larger hands with broader fingers but really like thin and dainty diamond rings or vice versa. That is fine as well. It is all about trying on different combinations to see what feels right for you.


If you would like more information on how to pick the perfect tailor made lab diamond engagement ring for you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or by clicking here.