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Lab Grown or Natural Grown?

Lab Grown or Natural Grown? - The Better Diamonds

When the time comes to buy that special ring for that special someone, there are decisions to be made. Not just short term ones, but also looking ahead to your future. One of the key things for every couple is to evaluate their financial situation, and how to get the best long term value for money, especially on big purchases. An engagement ring certainly belongs in this category. As the saying goes “a diamond is a girl's best friend”. The question is, in today’s day and age where the cost of old fashioned diamonds have reached levels that are disproportionate with many people’s income, can a “girl’s best friend” also be a smart investment?


We at The Better Diamonds are here to tell you a resounding YES! While the image of an old fashioned diamond may be the stuff of fairytales, why spend $10,000 on something that cannot be told apart with the naked eye from an identical looking lab diamond at a fraction of the price? How much less? Well, it varies depending on the exact specifications you are looking for, but it can be around 60% - 80% cheaper than the same old fashioned diamond. If you ever wanted to sell the diamond, the depreciation of the same percentage will be significantly less in real terms. So not only do you get a real diamond with top notch 4”Cs, but you get more bang for the buck long term as well.


It is widely recognized that lab grown diamonds are REAL diamonds. The fact that they can be made in a lab, not only allows the price to be more affordable, it is held to the same rigorous standards by the GIA when it comes to testing, as those grown naturally. This ensures what you are buying is a high quality product. The added advantage of a lab diamond, is of course, that you can tailor your diamond of choice to your exact specifications. Nature does not always give you exactly the shape, size, color or clarity that you want for the price you that you would like to spend on it.


Another element you may wish to consider is the impact of mining old fashioned diamonds on the environment. Granted, creating lab diamonds also requires energy, but the amounts required are much less than the far-reaching impact mining has. 

When all is said and done, whether you are looking at your budget, concerned about the environmental production process or have a very specific design in mind, choosing a lab grown diamond as your forever gift comes with a host of advantages.

If you need any advice or help in choosing what is right for you, just get in touch by clicking here and we will be happy to assist you.