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Sustainability In Matrimony

Sustainability In Matrimony - The Better Diamonds

As the saying by Charles Haddon Spurgeon goes, “Begin as you mean to go on.” This sentiment holds true in many walks of life. One should try and start whatever one does in a positive way, which makes continuing on the right and healthy path that much easier, as he continues “and go on as you began.”


Today many people are concerned with the sustainability and eco-ramifications of their actions and life choices. For those whom this holds true, many life decisions are guided or at least impacted by the desire to make decisions in step with their environmentally friendly principles.


There are few more symbolic moments in life than giving your loved one that special ring that signifies the commitment you wish to make. In the past, this may have required eco-conscious couples to compromise on some of their values if they wanted a diamond engagement ring. Concerns of production methods impacting the environment, the potential for inadvertently sourcing blood/conflict diamonds, as well as a very significant monetary cost that needs to be justifiable in the bigger scheme of planning their life together.


However today, this is no longer the case! By choosing a lab grown diamond that is as real as a natural diamond, one can keep hold of one’s moral and ethical values, and choose a more environmentally friendly option that reduces the carbon footprint of production. There are also the advantages of getting better prices and more customizability than is possible for similar mined diamonds.


How is this possible? When it comes to eliminating the moral/ethical concerns of conflict diamonds, it is clearly preferable to develop lab grown alternatives that are made without the possibility of exploitative sourcing. The fact that the diamonds are grown in a chosen and controlled environment, also allows for technology to keep optimizing the production methods that reduce the amount of energy, tools and financial resources required in contrast to natural mining methods. Mining can require clearing large swathes of land, which may damage forests, wildlife and the surrounding communities.


It is not always the case in general, that holding strong to your commitment to sustainability and the environment goes hand in hand with a reduction in costs and pricing when it comes to the world of retail. Often “green” products are more expensive precisely due to the increase in manufacturing expenses, in order to accommodate eco-friendly production methods.


In the world of diamonds, this is fortunately not the case! Lower production costs and better technological efficiency translates into lower prices for the consumer without losing any of the quality. You can even end up paying less for a higher quality diamond when lab grown, than the same amount of money spent on a mined diamond.


It is nice to be rewarded for making positive life choices. Opting for a green lab diamond engagement ring is one that represents your commitment not only to each other, but to the wider world as well. We end this blog the way we started it, “Begin as you mean to go on.” Choosing a sustainable diamond ring can be the first of many steps that makes your engagement, marriage and future life together a long lasting, loving, and committed one.


If you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly sustainable collection of lab created diamond rings, please email us at or contact us here.