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Lab Grown Diamonds: How They Benefit Communities and Reduce Environmental Impact

Lab Grown Diamonds: How They Benefit Communities and Reduce Environmental Impact - The Better Diamonds

With more and more people concerned about the environment in numerous sectors, finding sustainable methods for engaging with daily life has never been more important. Whether this is in healthcare where work is being done to improve air quality, finding alternative solutions to coal usage by using wind turbines to harness energy, or gasoline for your cars by going electric, being eco-conscious has clearly entered the world of business and commerce. Many consumers across the board are keen to find ways to enjoy the products they love but feel confident that they are sourced, produced and manufactured as ethically and as sustainable as possible.


One of the concerns that people grapple with, is balancing the cost of being

eco-friendly, with the financial resources available to them. Often times going green can mean paying more. Whether for organic eggs, organic cotton or free range chickens, they expense required to maintain green practices can translate into higher purchasing costs for the consumer.


Fortunately when it comes to manmade diamonds, also known as lab grown diamonds the opposite is true. Why? To understand why even high quality lab diamonds are much more affordable than the equivalent naturally mined version, we need to understand both environmental and financial impact caused by mining.


Simply put, the higher pressures and temperatures needed in the production of mined/natural diamonds require more financial resources than in the production of synthetic diamonds. In addition, it is often the case that mining leads to land clearance and the destruction of natural habitats. By using controlled production methods in a lab, not only are manufacturers saving money on mining equipment, but also this obviates the need to destroy large areas of nature, which is better for surrounding communities and wildlife. Keeping our planet’s natural landscape and resources in tact as much as possible, can help reduce the amount of climate change, which is important to many consumers today.


It is true that man made diamonds can be produced either using renewable energy (which is the best in terms of sustainability), or using fossil fuels like natural diamonds. While the latter energy source is not as good for the environment, the overall carbon footprint left by creating lab grown eco diamonds is generally smaller than that of mined diamonds when taking all the various factors into account. This is so especially when looking beyond just which energy source is used in production and the amount of greenhouse gases that are released. Research has indicated that making lab grown diamonds can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% visa-à-vie mined diamonds.


Another reason consumers are looking for alternatives, especially in the diamond industry, is that ethical sourcing is something that people are becoming more aware of. Mining natural diamonds may lead to getting involved in the blood or conflict diamond trade. Lab grown diamonds are free from such concerns, and are therefore a more socially responsible option. Customers buying such diamonds are actively contributing to holding the diamond industry to a higher standard of human rights and legal work practices.


If you are debating which type of diamond to pick for your engagement ring and/or wedding band, let us give you peace of mind and help you pick out the perfect ethical, green, and sustainable lab grown diamond ring!


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