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Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweler

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweler - The Better Diamonds

When making any significant purchase, it is crucial to ask the why, how and what if questions before parting with your hard earned money. We at The Better Diamonds want to save you some time, and share our top 5 questions that you should ask, (and have answered), when looking to buy your ring of a lifetime.

Why should I choose lab grown diamond 

When weighing up the options of going with an old fashioned natural diamond or a modern lab grown one, there are some key things to know. Going lab grown eliminates any possible ethical dilemmas of buying diamonds that may have come from the blood diamond or other illegal trade routes. Safely lab grown, all our diamonds are free of questionable sources. Being lab grown, this also means it poses less environmental problems. While most activities we do on a daily basis impacts the environment, being able to better handle the development and manufacturing process in a controlled environment allows for less of an impact than mining natural diamonds.

The fact that lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition as old fashioned diamonds, you can rest assured that you are getting a REAL diamond that is held to the same rigorous testing standards by the GIA. This means you are getting a high quality product and more value for your money. As the price of a lab grown diamond is considerably more affordable than an old fashioned one, you can more affordably tailor it to your specific needs. Nature does not always let you have what you want, for the budget you have, but when grown in a lab, diamonds can be made to suit any budget.

 What comes with my ring purchase?

You might think when buying a ring, that is all you get at the checkout. Not with us! When you buy a ring from The Better Diamonds, you don’t just receive a ring, you receive a whole lot more. In addition to the ring, our set includes the diamond appraisal and certificate so you have all the details about your diamond ring. Both are stored in a special compartment in the box. The ring box itself, as well as our unique memory booklet, (the front cover of which is embedded with a personal message of your choice, that we embed for you as you order the ring), come in four different colors: white, blue, red, and black. You can choose one of the above colors for your ring box and memory booklet. We will match the ring box frame to the ring gold color (white or yellow).

 How long will it take until I get my ring?

 Knowing when an order will arrive is important, and all the more so when talking about an engagement ring. All our rings are proudly made in the USA. This means that not only do we have a physical inventory of rings ready to ship, all items on our website marked “overnight” will be shipped out overnight on the same day the order was placed. This is as long as the order was made by 1 pm PST and full payment has been cleared. In the event that an item is sold out or does not have an “overnight” mark, the item will be shipped within 7-10 working days.

We also offer free international shipping. In this case, the customer is responsible for any additional taxes, duties, surcharges and VAT. We encourage our customers to check with their local authorities and confirm additional fees prior to placing an order. International customers will be charged for an international return label.


What are my payment options: 

These days there are many payment options available to suit your needs. We at The Better Diamonds believe in making things as easy as possible for our customers. You can either pay for your order by credit card, wire transfer (which will include a 3% discount), or through Affirm, a leading ecommerce finance company. Once approved, Affirm allows you to choose from multiple monthly repayment plans.


What if I want to upgrade my ring in the future?

 Finally, it is important to think ahead. As time goes by, tastes may change. You want to know if what you buy today can be upgraded tomorrow. We are pleased to say that when you buy with us, we are with you all the way! When you become part of The Better Diamond family, you will receive full credit for your center diamond, as long as the item you upgrade to is at least double the price of your original purchase.


We hope these questions have helped to give you some food for thought when looking to buy your ring of a lifetime. You can find more helpful questions and answers on our FAQ page. If there is a question you have not found an answer to, feel free to contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.